A bi-directional physical layer converter between 100BASE-T1 (OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach – OABR) and 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), enabling the user to easily connect automotive cameras or ECUs with OABR / Automotive Ethernet
media link to a standard computer network.


The interface establishes a point-to-point link between an unshielded twisted-pair Automotive Ethernet (IEEE 100BASE-T1) port and a Fast Ethernet port. The converter features one DSUB9 (BroadR-Reach, CAN bus), one Fast Ethernet po

rt with RJ-45 connector, and a Micro-USB connector. The BroadR-Reach channel is configurable as either Master or Slave by a switch button or programmatically, and the device can be powered either via DSUB connector or via USB.

100BASE-T1 Media Converter Data Sheet


  • 100BASE-T1 to 100BASE-TX media conversion
  • Master/Slave configuration for BroadR-Reach
  • DSUB9 connector for T1, RJ-45 connector for Ethernet
  • Power 9-30 V DC over DSUB or Micro-USB connector
  • 6 status LEDs
  • 2 DIP switches
  • Automatic polarity detection for OABR Slave
  • Media test for T1 cable – can detect a shortage, cut-off and impedance mismatch
  • Table top or DIN-rail mount

    The converter offers a possibility to access SMI registers of both transreceivers (PHYs) via a CAN bus or a USB’s virtual serial port. This enables the user to evaluate signal strength, detect polarity of the T1 port, carry out a BroadR-Reach media test to diagnose cable errors, fine-tune the PHYs parameters, and generally to read and write the registers.