CANopen Protocol Stack Kit


CANopen Protocol Stack Kit
CANopen protocol stack kit comprising of:

• CANopen C source code
• Documentation
• Protocol analyser tool and Kvaser Leaf Light v2 CAN interface

We can provide CANopen protocol stacks for a variety of microcontrollers, Windows and Linux.

It can help you develop your CANopen device quickly for application profiles such as:

CiA 401: Device profile for generic I/O modules
CiA 402: Device profile for drives and motion control (servo controller, stepper motor controller, frequency inverter)
CiA 404: Device profile for measuring devices and closed-loop controllers
CiA 406: Device profile for encoders (rotating and linear)
CiA 408: Device profile for proportional valves and hydraulic transmissions
CiA 410: Device profile for inclinometers
CiA 412: Set of device profiles for medical devices (e.g. colimator, dosimeter)
CiA 413: Set of device profiles for truck gateways
CiA 414: Set of device profiles for weaving machines (e.g. feeder)
CiA 415: Application profile for road construction machine sensors
CiA 416: Application profile for building door control systems
CiA 417: Application profile for lift control systems
CiA 418: Device profile for battery module
CiA 419: Device profile for battery charger
CiA 420: Set of device profiles for extruder downstream devices
CiA 421: Application profile for train vehicle control networks (integration platform on vehicle sublevel)
CiA 422: Application profile for municipal vehicles (e.g. garbage trucks)
CiA 423: Application profile for rail vehicle power drive systems (e.g. diesel engine)
CiA 424: Application profile for rail vehicle door control systems
CiA 425: Set of device profiles for medical add-on devices (e.g. contrast media injector)
CiA 426: Application profile for exterior rail vehicle lighting
CiA 430: Application profile for auxiliary rail vehicle devices (e.g. cooling fans, engine pre-heating)
CiA 433: Application profile for interior rail vehicle lighting
CiA 434: Profiles for laboratory automation systems
CiA 436: CANopen application profile for construction machineries
CiA 437: Application profile for grid-based photovoltaic systems
CiA 443: Profile for SIIS level-2 devices
CiA 444: Set of device profiles for crane add-on devices (e.g. spreader)
CiA 445: Device profile for RFID reader
CiA 446: Interface profile for AS-Interface gateways
CiA 447: Application profile for special-purpose car add-on devices
CiA 450: CANopen device profile for pumps
CiA 452: device profile PLCopen motion control
CiA 453: Device profile power supply

Please contact us for further information providing information on your microcontroller, operating system, compiler, application and project timing requirements.