Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS



Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS is a configuration-free wireless CAN bridge that achieves predictable latency, without sacrificing stability or range.

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a preconfigured pair of plug-and-play units to rapidly exchange raw CAN data, the Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS is designed for environments or situations that make wired connection unsuitable or challenging e.g. between two moving parts that are connected by CAN.

There are two versions: Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS (00808-3) is approved for the European Union

Major Features

  • A preconfigured pair of units that acts as a wireless CAN bridge.
  • Plug and Play, Driver Free and Configuration Free.
  • Automatic Baudrate Detection (125K, 250K, 500K, 1M).
  • Point to Point Radio Link.
  • 2.4 GHz Proprietary Protocol.
  • Internal Antenna Design, Antenna Output Power max 18 dBm approx.
  • High-Speed CAN Connection (compliant with ISO 11898-2), up to 1 Mbit/s.
  • Supports both 11-bit (CAN2.0A) and 29- bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers.
  • Power Supplied through the CAN Bus Interface.
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing.

Note! Error Frames and Arbitration information are not transmitted by the Air Bridge units across the wireless link.


  • 2-Year Warranty. See our General Conditions and Policies for details. Register your product at kvaser.com/getting-started for an additional 1-year Warranty Extension.


  • Free Technical Support on all products available by contacting support@kvaser.com.
  • The Kvaser Air Bridge Wireless Installation Guide provides guidance for maximizing radio performance in your enviroment. Watch Now >>


  • The Kvaser Air Bridge Light HS (EAN: 73-30130-00808-3) has been tested and declared to be in conformity with the relevant Union harmonisation legislation Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU (Art. 3.1a, 3.1b, and 3.2) and RoHS recast Directive 2011/65/EU (Art. 4.1). See User Guide for full EU Declaration of Conformity.