LIN Analysis Kit


X-Analyser 3 Standard Edition (Single Channel)

X-Analyser 3 Standard Edition (Single Channel) – This has all the functions of the ECO with the addition of CAN data base (dbc) and LDF capability. The Standard is single CAN or LIN channel only – dongled from the Kvaser interface serial number. For feature comparison with other versions of X-Analyser 3, please see:

X Analyser  Features

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Kvaser Leaf Professional LIN

The Kvaser Leaf Professional LIN provides an easy of connecting a PC with LIN bus devices. Compatible with both LIN 1.3
and 2.x, the Kvaser Leaf Professional LIN incorporates advanced features like error handling, silent mode for analyzing tools,
and 100% compatibility with applications written for all Kvaser hardware with Kvaser’s LINlib. Can be used with X-Analyser 3.

For Technical Data open the pdf below.

Kvaser Leaf Professional LIN

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WCT Kit Bag small laptop

Neoprene bag for carrying your portable tech

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LIN Analysis Kit combines the pedigree of a world class CAN Analyser, X-Analyser 3 and the established brand of
Kvaser hardware.
The kit will include:
– X-Analyser Standard Edition
– Kvaser Leaf LIN Professional – LIN to USB interface
– Warwick Control carry bag.