LIN Protocol Stack Kit

We can provide you with a kit that will help you on your way for the development quickly and easily.


The kit comes with:

  • LIN protocol stack (C code) – LIN versions 1.x and 2.x
  • Example HAL reference design for STM32 as a LIN Master. This will show you how to implement functions of the embedded HAL and it will help you write for/port to your own HAL for your chosen micro
  • Development board with protocol stack and example application running as a LIN Master
  • User documentation
  • X-Analyser LIN analyser which is useful for your continual software development and also eases support to you from Warwick Control
  • Kvaser LIN to USB interface
  • 1 year email support
  • The source code will be licensed to your company site and can be compiled and included in your products for no additional royalties.  You are not allowed to pass the source code on to a third party.

The overall aim for this kit is that it is ideal for customers wishing to port the stack onto their own target hardware and they can use the STM32 as a reference to help them.

This protocol stack can also be ported to other microcontrollers as a custom engineering project.  Please contact us for further information.