Training Kit (CAN & OBD Training Kit)


Kvaser Leaf Light CAN-HS v2

Kvaser Leaf Light CAN-HS v2 – This single CAN channel interface represents one of the easiest and lowest-cost methods of connecting a computer to a CAN bus network. It has a USB 2.0 compliant connector with a 9-pin D-SUB connector. Galvanic isolation as standard. Recommended for use with the X-Analyser 3.

For Technical Data open the pdf below.

Kvaser Leaf Light CAN-HS v2

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X-Analyser 3 Standard Edition (Single Channel)

X-Analyser 3 Standard Edition (Single Channel) – This has all the functions of the ECO with the addition of CAN data base (dbc) and LDF capability. The Standard is single CAN or LIN channel only – dongled from the Kvaser interface serial number. For feature comparison with other versions of X-Analyser 3, please see:

X Analyser  Features

Free Software Resources

OBDII Male to 2 x DSUB Female

OBDII Male to 2 x DSUB Female Connector/Adaptor – Normally supplied with one of the Kits listed. This adaptor cable can be purchased separately. Allows connection to a standard J1962 OBD socket in a vehicle to a CAN interface e.g. Kvaser. An extra Dsub9 connector is supplied for use by a scan tool or adaption to connect to an Oscilloscope.1 x OBD to 2 x Dsub9 – 2 metre cable.


ECUSim – Normally sold with the Training Kit but can be purchased separately. This device simulates several ECUs, thus emulating CAN/OBD communication. Is to be used with the X-Analyser 3 for training purposes. Has adjustment potentiometers for signal variation (Engine speed, Engine Temp, Road speed).

WCT Kit Bag small laptop

Neoprene bag for carrying your portable tech

Training Notes a5

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CAN & ODB Training Kit
The Kit includes:
– Full set of CAN course notes
– Kvaser CAN interface
– X-Analyser 3 Standard
– OBD (male) to 2 x 9-pin DSUB cable
– OBD/ECU simulator
– Carry Case