Car Diagnostic Benchmark Kit




Typical applications of this kit are:

  • Testing of automotive Electronic Control Units
  • In-vehicle diagnostic testing
  • Diagnostic benchmarking and finding out which data identifiers are supported by an ECU or vehicle. The result is exported as a database report.


Kit contains:

  • Module Analyser – diagnostic software
  • Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2
  • OBD male to 2 x D9 cable
  • Kit Bag


Module Analyser – Diagnostic Software Features

Electronic Control Unit Communication

  • OBD scan tool mode. (ISO 14230, ISO 15765)
  • Read/Clear Trouble Codes.
  • Extended ISO14229 (UDS) mode.
  • Fast data acquisition.
  • Custom message constructor tool.
  • Retrieve VID blocks.


ECU or Vehicle Diagnostic Benchmarking

  • Automatically search for supported PIDs and export to ODX file


History and Reports

  • Full OBD reports with a single click— exportable to .txt and Excel.
  • Retrieve and report all supported PIDs
  • Multiple level activity reports providing different levels of detail and information
  • Selectable history files for each vehicle.
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes and associated Freeze Frame data.


Supported Diagnostic Functions

  • OBD services
    • Monitoring powertrain diagnostic data (Mode 1)
    • Retrieving freeze frame diagnostic data (Mode 2)
    • Reading emissions related diagnostic trouble codes (Modes 3, 4 and 7)
    • Retrieving test results for non-continuously monitored systems (Mode 6)
    • Reading vehicle information (Mode 9)
    • Advanced diagnostic trouble code data (Mode 18 or 19)
    • Reading data by identifier (Mode 22)
    • Read memory by address (Mode 23)
    • Fast data acquisition (Modes 2C and 2A)
    • Write data by identifier (Mode 2E)
    • Routine control (Mode 31)
  • Module Databases (integrated in tool)
    • OBD data (Mode 1 to 10)
    • SAE data DTCs (< P1000)