Marine CAN Data Logger Kit


This kit is ideal for finding problems on a CAN network that has a M12 connector such as a NMEA2000 network used in marine systems. The RexGen logger can be connected to the network and sit passively, therefore not taking part in network communications and disturbing the network.

It can be configured to log all CAN data. More useful is the trigger conditions that can be configured so that you only log data when certain conditions take place, e.g.

  • Occurrence of CAN error frames

  • Occurrence of a particular CAN identifier

  • A signal in the CAN data field being set to a certain value

  • A signal in the CAN data field being less than OR greater than a certain value

A pre- and post-trigger event log file is collected. This data can be exported from the logger by plugging into a PC and exported in a number of file formats.

The log files can be imported into the X-Analyser Professional-Offline tool, replayed back and interpreted as NMEA2000.

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  • Cost effective way of finding problems on your NMEA2000 network by logging data over the long term
  • Just install onto your NMEA2000 network
  • Powered from your NMEA2000 network so no extra cables needed
  • IP65 rated – Dust & water splash proof
  • Log files in portable industry standard file formats
  • Set up trigger conditions e.g. log when CAN error frame occurs -> could be caused by wiring problem

Scope of delivery:

  • X-Analyser Professional-Offline – XA3-Pro-OL (Off Line)
  • PGN database for NMEA2000 with the X-Analyser software
  • RexGen1 CAN / NMEA2000 Data Logger
  • NMEA2000 cable (M12 male)

Please note: This product is not an NMEA 2000® Certified Product that complies with the NMEA’s current test procedures. ‘NMEA’ in this context refers simply to the type of CAN connector used.